$1 A Minute Personal Training

Relentless Fitness Casual Rate is only $1 A Minute. We recommend at least 30 minutes for a decent session but this is not compulsory. We have a few challenges set aside for shorter sessions if you are just wanting to spice up your lunch break.     
 $1 A minute for 1-1 with Personal Trainer.

           Online Training Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer assigned to you will deliver a custom training program through our personal training app. Your initial consultation can be completed through a video call, or our app. Be motivated with and supported with unlimited in-app messaging. Choose to commit for 1 month ($50), 3 months ($150) or 6 months ($300).

    $1.50 A Minute 2-1 Personal Training

Share your personal trainer with a friend and both get a solid training session completed together. Training with your friend is a great way to stay motivated to really push yourself and each other. Session times are a minimum 40-45 minutes.
$1.50 A Minute for you & a friend.

 Hybrid Training Option

Hybrid Training gives you the best of both worlds with a 1-1 Personal Training session as often as you like ($1/minute) and a custom training plan with up to 6 workouts a week for $12.50 a week. You will have access to our training app where all your workouts, records and tracked progress are stored. There is un-limited in-app messaging so you are able to contact your Personal Trainer 24-7. 

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